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Complete Communications Consultants Inc. (C3) offers a wide variety of services within the communication industry. Initially specializing in services required within the hospitality industry, C3 has expanded its product offerings to the MDU and small to medium business sectors. From High-speed Internet Installation and IT technical support desks for hotels, apartment complexes and businesses, to providing Consulting Services in the areas of telecom, data and energy. C3 provides an invaluable service to our clients in their desire to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Within the areas of High Speed Internet, IT, Telecom and Energy, C3 are the experts you can count on.

C3 stands for: Competent, Comprehensive, Cost Effective

  C3 - Company History

10 years ago, the telecommunications service industry in the Midwest was struggling to provide quality communications service work to its local businesses. Telecommunications service workers seemed lax and slow to respond to customer issues. When workers did respond, they performed less-than-mediocre work at high rates. There seemed to be too many so-called “experts” in the industry that never followed through and actually fixed the problem!

In 1996, recognizing the opportunity to meet customer needs at a higher level, Steve Crowe and Cindy Yannone founded Arrow Communications, Inc. Certified by Hitachi PBX Systems, Arrow focused on providing services to the hospitality industry throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Determined to be a pleasing and profitable alternative to the “experts” who didn’t accomplish anything, Arrow quickly built a reliable and successful response-system that provided numerous properties and businesses with the quality service work that they desperately desired.

By 2000, Arrow had established themselves as a solid telecom service company by providing Hitachi PBX Systems installs, service work, technical support services, and many other supportive services to nearly 100 hotels and businesses. However, as rough economic times spread through the Midwest (mostly due to the recession and Michigan auto industry layoffs), Arrow was forced to downsize and let go of employees. Many other Telecom companies went bankrupt around this time, but Arrow persevered through these tough times with reasonable pricing, hard-work, and superior performance.

By 2003, things looked up for the budding Arrow Communications. The communications industry was steadily advancing with new technologies developing everyday. Business was finally stabilizing and communications work was picking up. During this time, Arrow brought on a new sales director, James DeSantis, who partnered with Arrow to establish a new division of the company called C3 Consultants. C3, which was established to serve the demand for high-speed internet and tech support, became a runaway success almost overnight.

Now in 2005, as new technology is rapidly developing at an even faster pace then before, the need to have a separate division for high-speed internet services (C3) no longer exists. Phone systems are now operating on data (VOIP), and these systems soon will encompass all business communications functions including telephone systems, high-speed internet, and video. Both Arrow and C3 management recognize the changes and have decided for the best interest of the company to combine and form one entity. The new name, Arrow Complete Communications, Inc., preserves a piece of both companies past; but, also presents an entirely new company with higher value, stronger support, and more stream-lined operations.

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